Referral Patients

If you are interested in having dental treatment done for your child at Hapy Bear Surgery Center, it is important for you to understand that this is not a regular dental office. Hapy Bear Surgery Center is an Ambulatory Surgery Center that specializes in treating children, ages 17 & under, who need to be asleep for their treatment. All treatment is performed while your child is asleep under general anesthesia.

We would like all children to have a regular dental office or “Dental Home” to monitor your child’s oral health and dental needs. Hapy Bear Surgery Center does not provide this service. Your regular dental office will refer your child to us if they are not able to perform the necessary treatment and if the doctor recommends that your child needs to be asleep under general anesthesia.

Once we complete the treatment at Hapy Bear Surgery Center, we recommend you go back to your referring office or “Dental Home” for regular cleanings, check-ups, and guidance on your child’s oral health to keep your child as healthy as possible!

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